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Welcome to GGC Autocross!

Our autocrosses are a competitive environment where a cone track is setup in a big parking lot or airfield. We put cars into classes based on a formula (considering weight, torque, modifications, and several other factors), and drivers compete against other cars within their class. Though there is an element of risk, hazards to participants and property are not expected to exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving. Due to the length of our courses we allow only one to two cars on the course at any one time (opposite sides). Cars race against the clock, not side-by-side.

For more information, go here.

A typical signup process for a first timer is:
  • Login to this page (create an account if you have not done so)
  • Classify your car & save it
  • Pick a driver number
  • Visit to sign up for & pay for an event

As long as you drive the same car for each event, you should only have to classify your car once per season. Simply sign up @ for each event- registration typically opens up the Monday after the previous event.